He liked thick giblet soup, nutty gizzards, a stuffed roast heart, liver slices fried with crustcrumbs…

– James Joyce, Ulysses

We like food that tells a story. Sometimes we like dishes that are character-driven where the food is a direct representation of a defining personality trait. Other times we like to take photos of meals in the most ideal situations to have them. Whether we’re dressing up our friends or battling against the elements, we still call this a food blog and however big or small the next shoot is, we still do it “in the name of Crustcrumbs”. This is John Kruusi and Jen Grantham‘s collaborative food project.


John Kruusi

John toasting Stay Puft Marshmallows

John is a home cook, food stylist and recipe writer. A former English major and graduate of the Chef Training program at George Brown College in Toronto, he has spent his professional life finding a balance between books and food. When not in his kitchen, John works as a food stylist’s assistant on various projects, including NBC’s Hannibal.


Jen Grantham


Jen is a photographer and food lover. At Crustcrumbs, she is responsible for the photography, behind-the-scenes web stuff, and taste testing. She can usually be found doing stock photography around the world. She is also gluten-free, and can eat neither crust nor crumbs.

We couldn’t be Crustcrumbs without the help of some very talented people…


Sarah Wright
Sarah Wright is our graphic designer, creating our logo as well as mock product labels and social media materials whenever we ask for them nicely. She’s also a regular Crustcrumbs model appearing as our Black Manhattan, snow bunny in A Hot Chocolate to Skate With, and hipster in Start with the Turkey. She is currently a freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer in various industries such as consumer packaged goods, beauty, fashion, loyalty, retail, global shipping, broadcasting and finance.


Justine McCloskey


Justine is a spectacular visual artist and set designer with an incredible collection of props she kindly makes available to us whenever we are in need. She’s a cocktail enthusiast and an amazing cook. Justine has yet to appear on Crustcrumbs as a model though she will be appearing in some upcoming posts very soon!

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